Listen to Anne-Marie Storey on WLOB Radio’s HR Power Hour

By Rudman Winchell Attorney

Rudman Winchell Attorney Anne-Marie Storey was a recent guest on the HR Power Hour which airs on WLOB Radio.

You’ll hear her discuss the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Anne-Marie will answer questions such as: What is the difference between state and federal FMLA?  Can one law apply to an employer if the other does not? How does an employer know if they are covered by one or the other? Should an employer’s handbook policies include information about the FMLA? Are there standard forms an employer can use to administer FMLA?

She also takes on how the FMLA interacts with the ADA and/or workers’ compensation. Can an employee be covered by more than one of these laws at the same time? What obligations does an employer have to return an employee to work at the end of the FMLA time? If the FMLA ends and the employee cannot return, can an employer just fire the employee?



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