Legal Services for Maine Seniors: Medicare and Medicaid (MaineCare)

Rudman Winchell’s attorneys skillfully handle matters pertaining to Medicare and Maine Medicaid (MaineCare), and regularly work with other professional advisers to meet clients’ needs efficiently. Rudman Winchell provides seniors, their families, and their caregivers with a broad range of planning, advocacy, and related legal services. The attorneys at Rudman Winchell have the experience and expertise to assist Maine senior citizens in living independently, navigating the health care system, and planning for the future with dignity. Rudman Winchell’s goal, while providing legal services for seniors, is to achieve the best financial and personal outcomes for our clients.Individual & Family Law Blog

Representative Services

Legal Services for Maine Seniors: Medicare and Medicaid (MaineCare) Attorneys

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The experienced and compassionate attorneys at Rudman Winchell are available to assist Maine senior citizens with every aspect of legal needs. Please contact us by filling out this form or call us at 207.947.4501 to schedule an appointment.