Rudman Winchell attorney Ed Bearor speaks to LURC reform group

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CALAIS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — With a recommendation due in Janurary, the Land Use Regulation Commission’s Reform Committee has reached the halfway point for reform meetings.

In a meeting in at the Washington County Community College in Calais, the reform committee had a work meeting and public listening session to continue talks about county control.

The LURC Reform Committee has until January 4 to submit a recommendation to the state on how to regulate Maine’s 10 million acres of unorganized territory.

Among the committees options: abolishing LURC’s statewide control, giving control to the counties, or meeting somewhere in between.

“I think the consensus is that hte counties need to have a bigger role,” said committee member Donald White.

“The tricky part is, what does that mean?”

Attorney Ed Bearor gave the committee his recommmendation during the work session.

“I thought that the counties that have unorganized territories could develop comprehensive plans to regulate the land,” said Bearor.

While some landowners want more input in land use, they are weighing the pros and cons.

John Cashwell, who represents landowner BBC Land LLC, said there are downsides to county control.

“It can highly complicate it,” he said. “When we’re in eight different counties, you could have eight different comprehensive zones.”

BBC Land LLC owns one million acres of unorganized territory, about 10 perecent of LURC’s jurisdiction.

A popular option among reform committee members is a mix between county control and a statewide commission.

The state board would provide oversight, while counties would be given more control than they already have.

The reform committee has until December 15 to work on a recommendation.

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