Experienced legal counsel for the people, businesses and communities of Maine.

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Rudman Winchell is a full service law firm serving the people, businesses and communities of Maine. With our vast legal resources and more than two dozen attorneys located in Bangor, we become a true strategic partner with the clients we serve.

Rudman Winchell's Practice Groups

Individual Family

Rudman Winchell attorneys provide expert guidance and on matters involving all aspects of Maine individual and family law including Divorce, Probate, Elder Law, Wills and Estate Planning.

Business Corporate

Rudman Winchell business attorneys regularly represent clients in all aspects of business and corporate law.

Litigation Trials

Rudman Winchell’s trial lawyers have extensive experience in both federal and state courts in a vast array of civil matters as well as criminal defense.

Municipal Government Law

Rudman Winchell represents clients' interests in administrative and enforcement proceedings before government agencies and boards, including appeals.

Insurance Workers Compensation

Rudman Winchell’s insurance law attorneys offer specialized representation to insurance companies and their insureds.

Real Estate Property

Rudman Winchell has a broad Maine based real estate practice. Our real estate attorneys provide representation of banks and other lending institutions

Employment Labor Law

Rudman Winchell’s experienced Employment and Labor attorneys advise clients on preventive strategies and positive solutions in Maine labor and workplace law.

Timberlands Natural Resources

Rudman Winchell is located in the heart of Maine's industrial timberlands, and is a trusted partner of the timber industry and other natural resource based enterprises.

Healthcare Hospitals

Rudman Winchell provides a comprehensive array of legal services to clients in the health care industry, throughout the state of Maine.

From the Attorney's Blog


From the Attorney's Blog

Does my Child Need a Guardian ad Litem?

Are you going through a divorce in which child custody is an issue? Perhaps you’re not married, but are in a custody dispute with your child’s other parent? If so, you should consider seeking the appointment of a guardian at litem (GAL) for your child. What is a Guardian ad Litem? A guardian ad litem is a person with special training regarding the needs of children and the court process. All guardians ad litem must be appointed by the court. When appointed, a GAL conducts investigations outside the courtroom and makes recommendations to the court about what result will be in the best interest of any minors involved in the case. The court order appointing a specific person to fill this role establishes the purpose of the guardian ad litem’s investigation. For example, a guardian can be appointed to determine where the minor children should live, or what school they should attend. This court order also establishes specific things the GAL must do in the course of the investigation. This almost always includes meeting with the parties and visiting with…

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