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Shinju T. Flynn

"I enjoy helping clients navigate through the process of creating an estate plan that works for them and achieves their goals."


Shinju T. Flynn

"I enjoy helping clients navigate through the process of creating an estate plan that works for them and achieves their goals."


Shinju Flynn is an accomplished attorney and a valuable member of the Rudman Winchell team, specializing in estate planning. Her passion lies in assisting families in developing comprehensive plans that safeguard their legacies while providing advance directives for medical decisions. Fluent in Japanese, she grew up speaking the language, bringing cultural understanding to her interactions with clients. During her formative years, Shinju initially aspired to be a doctor but was influenced by her father, who was an attorney. Her journey eventually led her to law school after teaching English in Japan, where she decided to pursue her interest in the legal field.

Attorney Shinju Flynn and her husband Brian pose for a picture wearing yukatas, or summer kimonos, during a trip to Japan. Shinju’s legal journey began as a public defender in Guam, where she spent five years honing her skills in the courtroom, handling criminal, juvenile, and family law cases. She gained valuable experience in child protection cases, advocating for parents and serving as a guardian ad litem. Shinju also honed her skills in estate planning while working at her father’s law firm, assisting clients in establishing trusts. Subsequently, she quickly embraced the field of estate planning and trust administration, displaying remarkable aptitude and a strong desire to excel. With her passion for helping clients protect their assets and achieve their goals, she has become an essential resource, poised to become a leading force in estate planning.

Shinju is proficient in crafting wills, financial powers of attorney, advanced health care directives, and creating trusts tailored to meet individual needs. One of her greatest strengths is her commitment to understanding the unique needs and goals of her clients. She begins by listening to their stories and histories, allowing her to form a genuine connection and gain insight into their specific requirements. This personalized approach enables her to provide custom solutions for each client, making the legal process more manageable and less overwhelming. Clients experience Shinju as a compassionate and knowledgeable guide, who helps them navigate through their estate planning with ease.

Shinju Flynn earned her law degree from the University of Oregon, School of Law, and is admitted to practice law in the State of Maine, Colorado, and in Guam. Her commitment to continuous legal education and staying up-to-date with developments in the legal field through ongoing mentorship demonstrates her dedication to providing the best possible representation to her clients.

Attorney Shinju Flynn and her husband Brian are sitting at an outdoor restaurant while in Guam.Her success as an attorney is fueled by her honest, kind, and modest nature. Shinju possesses a passion for helping her clients achieve their desired outcomes and is recognized for making them feel comfortable and valued. Outside of her legal practice, she enjoys exploring the beautiful nature of Maine with her husband, going on hiking adventures, and discovering new trails. Baking, especially her signature strawberry shortcake, is one of her passions. Additionally, she enjoys reading a mix of fiction and non-fiction, staying up-to-date with popular books and music lists.

In addition to her legal work, Shinju enjoys diverse interests like ballet, which she pursued for fun during her undergraduate years, and practicing MMA (self-defense class) during law school, providing her a valuable outlet from the demands of legal education.

For anyone seeking comprehensive estate planning services or legal assistance in estate and trust matters, Shinju Flynn is ready to lend her expertise and dedication. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and benefit from Shinju’s personalized approach.

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Areas of practice

Bar Admissions

  • Guam, 2016
  • Colorado, 2017
  • Maine, 2022


  • University of Portland, Portland, Oregon, 2009
  • University of Oregon School of Law, J.D., 2015


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