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Does my Child Need a Guardian ad Litem?

Are you going through a divorce in which child custody is an issue? Perhaps you’re not married, but are in a custody dispute with your child’s other parent? If so, you should consider seeking the appointment of a guardian at litem (GAL) for your child. What is a Guardian ad Litem? A guardian ad litem …

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There Is No Such Thing As Custody In Maine

There is a vast misunderstanding of the terms used when dealing with the rights of parents.  In Maine, the Family Court does not use the term “custody” and it hasn’t for a number of years.  The two major concepts that encapsulate that term are “parental rights and responsibilities” and “primary residence.” The phrase “parental rights …

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Several months ago I described the process for calculating child support under Maine law.[1]  However, a child support order issued by the Maine Family Court is not etched in stone and frequently people ask whether their child support obligation can be changed.  As with any question asked of a lawyer, the only accurate answer is …

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