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Amendments to Maine Workers’ Compensation Act

By Anne-Marie L. Storey, Esq.   There have been a few changes to the Maine Workers’ Compensation Act under one piece of new legislation, LD 1119, An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Filing of Wage Statements and Other Laws under the Maine Workers’ Compensation Act of 1992, with amendments.  The veto of the …

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INSURANCE MATTERS: Don’t Waste the Insurance You’ve Already Bought

Through the years, certain client problems seem to come across my desk now and again, and then not again for a long time. Recently, there seems to have been a spate of situations in which clients have lost coverage, or almost lost coverage, under insurance policies by not giving correct notice to their insurer (or …

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Reflections from Maine’s Workers’ Compensation Executive Director

By Rudman Winchell Attorney Virginia Kozak Putnam In January 2011, Paul H. Sighinolfi, Esq., became the Executive Director and Chair of the Board for the State of Maine Workers’ Compensation Agency, after 30 years of practicing law in the area of workers compensation at Rudman Winchell. In this capacity, he is in charge of running …

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