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Category: Litigation

FAQs about Police Stops

If you drive a vehicle, it’s likely you’ve been stopped or pulled over by the police for a traffic violation (like speeding, expired registration, or your snow tires still being …

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I Just Got Rear-Ended: Now What?

I previously authored a blog titled, “I just Rear-Ended Someone: Now What?” which provided some insights about what to do (or what not to do) if you find yourself in …

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What is a Motion to Suppress Evidence?

Prior to February, when we heard the name Robert Kraft, we pictured those six Super Bowl rings. Our minds ticked through all of the New England Patriots’ successes. More recently, the …

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Is It Okay to Delete That E-mail?

A Brief Look At The New Framework For Dealing With Lost ESI And Spoliation Sanctions In Rule 37(e) As many (if not most) aspects of everyday life are becoming increasingly …

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Expert Discovery in Maine

There have been some recent changes to the discovery rules in Maine regarding expert witnesses. In the past, basically every document that the expert saw was fair game for discovery …

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