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Rudman Winchell’s trial lawyers have extensive experience in both federal and state courts in a vast array of civil matters, as well as criminal defense.Rudman Winchell litigation lawyers represent individuals as well as joint ventures, ranging from small family companies to international corporations. Our collective experience conducting trials, whether to a jury or to a judge, rivals that of any firm in northern New England.The trial lawyers at Rudman Winchell guide clients through the complex and potentially overwhelming litigation process, which can generally be divided into a number of overlapping phases including:

  • Pre-litigation counseling
  • Filing or responding to initial lawsuits or criminal charges
  • Information gathering, also known as discovery phase
  • Dispute resolution alternatives such as mediation and arbitration
  • Pre-trial motion practice from the simplest to the most complex, including sophisticated motions for summary judgment
  • Preparation and conduction of bench and jury trials
  • Appeals defense

Rudman Winchell’s trial lawyers have the credentials, technical background, and experience necessary to achieve success at all phases of litigation. Our trial lawyers also have the tremendous advantage of obtaining advice and counsel from other Rudman Winchell attorneys, who rank among the best in the region in their respective practice areas, to attain successful resolutions to the disputes of our clients in a cost-effective, pragmatic way.

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