A half century of energy law expertise

For more than 50 years, attorneys at Rudman Winchell have worked very closely with clients engaged in a great variety of legal matters involving energy. From the distribution of petroleum products and propane to alternative energy and electrical developments, regulation, and distribution, our attorneys have experience in traditional and non-traditional energy projects. Rudman Winchell’s energy law attorneys assist clients in virtually all phases of the petroleum and propane business throughout Maine and New England, including developed expertise in federal as well as state law.

Over the years, our attorneys have worked with clients in siting, operating, and buying and selling various kinds of alternative energy developments, including contracting for power delivery, waste disposal, and environmental compliance. Most recently, Rudman Winchell’s energy law attorneys have been involved in several wind power development proposals for both private parties and developers, as well as for municipalities and landowners.

Legal issues relating to energy matters also arise in a great number of other contexts. One of the most common is the environmental impact. Rudman Winchell energy law attorneys have expertise in storage tank issues, transport issues, bulk storage, supply contracts, and the environmental impact of development and energy usage. Whether from the perspective of a developer, municipality, landowner, or business owner, the attorneys at Rudman Winchell have worked on projects of all kinds throughout the State of Maine.

At Rudman Winchell, we understand that the efficient delivery of energy to all of the residents of all of the communities of Maine, as well as to commercial and industrial users, is of critical importance to the economic well-being of the State.

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