Medicaid is a means-tested public benefits program that provides health care coverage to those who meet certain financial criteria. For certain programs under the Medicaid umbrella, there are also medical criteria that need to be met. Medicaid is called MaineCare in the state of Maine. At Rudman Winchell, we use tested and approved strategies to help individuals qualify for nursing home care provided by the MaineCare long-term care program.

The rules for eligibility for medical assistance under this program are complex, as are the rules for the MaineCare Estate Recovery program. Additionally, the process of making a MaineCare application is tedious, intimidating, and overwhelming. We at Rudman Winchell work hard to alleviate that stress. We prepare eligibility plans tailored to the goals and needs of the MaineCare applicant and family. We prepare and file the MaineCare application on behalf of the applicant. We stand by the applicant through the application process, and in the event an application is denied, we represent clients on appeals of those denials.

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