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Rudman Winchell attorneys offer our clients extensive patent law services, including assisting with patentability issues, prior art searching, patent application preparation, patent prosecution, and patent maintenance. Rudman Winchell’s patent law attorneys assist our clients with licensing and assignment issues, as well as advise them on how to best protect and exploit their patent rights, and offer preparation of non-disclosure agreements and work-for-hire contracts to protect inventors.

Our patent law attorneys analyze patent infringement claims, prosecute and defend patent infringement lawsuits, and assist clients with international patent issues. The experienced patent law attorneys at Rudman Winchell are available to assist you if:

  • you have invented a machine, device, tool, toy, instrument, vehicle, or gadget, or
  • you have invented a process for making something or a business method for performing a task, and
  • your invention is more than just an idea for something, and
  • you have not disclosed your invention publicly or offered it for sale more than one year ago

Please Note:

If you have created a new apparatus, process, or way to use or make an existing product or process, you may need a PATENT lawyer.

If you have “invented” a name for your business, product, service, or have come up with a new slogan, you might need a TRADEMARK lawyer.

On the other hand, if your “invention” is a new design for a website, you have written a book, recorded a song, made a movie, or created a new T-shirt design, you might need a COPYRIGHT lawyer.

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