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Comprehensive Representation to Landowners and Energy Developers

Maine’s bountiful natural resources, coupled with new state and federal incentives for greening the grid, have triggered massive growth in Maine’s renewable energy sector.

Across the state, renewable energy companies are approaching landowners and municipalities with offers to lease or lockdown options to lease land or former industrial sites for solar energy facilities, wind farms, and other renewable energy projects.

Rudman Winchell’s Energy Projects Attorneys are especially well-suited at guiding landowners and municipalities through the complexities of renewable power generation and infrastructure asset transactions.  Our attorneys are experienced at:

  • Leasing negotiations
  • Financing
  • Decommissioning
  • Land reclamation
  • Tax incentives

Renewable energy projects are constantly evolving and require different approaches and more specialized legal guidance than traditional land use development.

By working primarily on the side of landowners in the renewable energy transaction on tens of thousands of megawatts worth of solar- and wind-generated power projects, Rudman Winchell’s attorneys are uniquely equipped to protect the long-term interests of landowners while helping them understand and take advantage of their land’s potential value as a site for a renewable energy project.

Additionally, Rudman Winchell’s Energy Projects Attorneys and Municipal and Land Use Practice Group routinely work together to help municipalities, landowners, and energy companies navigate the local approval process and utilize municipal bonds, tax increment financing, and other economic development tools to make energy projects cost-effective, especially in underserved communities throughout Maine.