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Employment Lunch & Learn January 24th.


Session I –  Rapid Fire Updates on the following topics:


    1. FMLA (Anne-Marie Storey)
      • No handouts
    2. Drugs in the Workplace update (Josh Randlett)
        • PowerPoint (Drugs in the Workplace – J. Randlett)

    • Performance reviews (Tracy Collins)
        • PowerPoint (Performance Evaluations: Best Practices – T. Collins)

    • Accommodation Issues/Updates (Brent Singer & Frank McGuire)
        • PowerPoint (Religious Accommodation in the Workplace – B. Singer)

    • PowerPoint (Other Reasonable Accommodation Issues – F. McGuire)

Session II – Rapid Fire Recent Development Updates II:
  1. Maine Human Rights Commission Update (Josh Randlett)
    • PowerPoint (Maine Human Rights Commission Update – J. Randlett)

  1. Privacy in the workplace (John Hamer)
  1. Wage and Hour Issues (Frank McGuire)
    • PowerPoint (2019 Wage and Hour Issues – F. McGuire)

  1. Winter Weather (Brent Singer / Tracy Collins)

  1. Workers’ Compensation (Anne-Marie Storey)
    • No handouts
  Session III – Legislative Insights – Peter Gore – Maine State Chamber

Handout (Path of Legislation – P. Gore)

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