Rudman Winchell’s new video security system profiled on WABI TV 5 News

By Rudman Winchell Attorney

Bangor – Management at Rudman Winchell made recent renovations to improve building quality. But with it came some unwelcome additions.

“We’ve had some problems with graffiti. We really didn’t have any problems before the renovations, but we’ve just found that with the new look of the building, particularly on the first floor, that it seems to be a more inviting target,” said Hans Peterson, the building manager.

With the recent outbreak if burglaries downtown, employee safety has also become a concern.

“We’re a little bit concerned about employees when they’re leaving late at night and want to make sure that at least around our building we’re aware of what’s going on and have some video if something was to occur,” said Peterson.

So, they decided to take action. They had multiple high-tech surveillance cameras installed around the building. the five cameras can capture detailed images of anything from the recordings, and then given to the police.

“Say you want to take this car here, and there was some suspicious activity there. Just go to the the magnifying glass and you can take that,” said operations manager Adam King.

For around $5,000, they feel the system is worth the investment.

“It will pay for itself eventually because we won’t have to pay to clean it up,” said King.

The goals of the new system are simple: keeping people safe and prevent vandalism from happening.

“Hopefully, it will deter and they will go paint somewhere else. I think also it will provide a measure of safety for our employees and clients, particularly in the winter time when it gets dark earlier,” said Peterson.

They also hope that others in the area might consider doing the same.


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