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Divorce & Coronavirus: What You Need to Know During a Global Pandemic

Some of you may have been considering filing for divorce prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Others may have been nudged in that direction after an extended stay-at-home order was issued. Regardless of how you got there, you all may be wondering whether you can still divorce right now. What impact did the pandemic have on …

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I’ve Been Served With Divorce Papers:Now What?

You have been served with divorce papers and you’re wondering what to do next. A divorce starts when one party files and serves the other party with a complaint for divorce, summons, and preliminary injunction. All of this can be confusing, particularly when dealing with emotional stress on top of legal jargon. With that said, …

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Does My Child Need a Guardian Ad Litem?

Are you going through a divorce in which child custody is an issue? Perhaps you’re not married, but are in a custody dispute with your child’s other parent? If so, you should consider seeking the appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) for your child. What is a Guardian Ad Litem? A guardian ad litem …

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