Protect your ideas and your property

Your trademark is your business’ brand. Your brand being well-developed is often the difference between failure and success. Rudman Winchell’s trademark law attorneys assist our business clients with:

  • Evaluating the strength and protectability of marks
  • Preparation and filing of state and federal trademarks
  • Maintenance of registered marks
  • Infringement prosecution and defense of both statutory and common law trademark claims

Trademark Law is the area of law that applies if:

  • You want to protect a name, design, logo, or slogan that you are using for your business, products, or service
  • You want to expand your rights geographically to an entire state or to the entire United States
  • Someone else is using a name, design, logo, or slogan that’s confusingly similar to your trademark

Someone else is accusing you of using a confusingly similar name, design, logo, or slogan to their trademark

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